HB 544 – Rural Water
Bill passed, but the rider did not. Signed by Governor & is effective 9/1
In conjunction with a funding rider in the amount of $150,000, this bill creates the opportunity for the TWDB to provide one-on-one assistance to small and rural utilities with obtaining financing for water and wastewater projects; in addition to outreach, financial, technical and planning assistance.

HB 545 – Boy Scout
Outcome | Amended onto SB 1566 by Sen. Kolkhorst, Signed by Governor & is effective 9/1
Will allow for the congressionally designated Title 36 youth groups to coordinate with the principal of a public school at the beginning of the school year to come in and briefly speak to the students about the benefits of getting involved in youth organizations. (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Civil Air Patrol, FFA, Little League, Naval Sea Cadets, Big Brother/Sister, Boys & Girls Club of America)

HB 639 – GWAMA
Bill passed, Signed by Governor & is effective immediately
Will allow for school districts to carry liability insurance for students participating in career tech programs

HB 831 – Cleft Palate
Bill died on the last calendar
Will expand the insurance code to clarify secondary follow-up care that children with cleft palates may require.

HB 957 – Longhorn
Bill was included as a rider in the Budget
Would require TPWD to keep the longhorns on BBRSP

HB 1884 – Litter
Bill passed, Signed by Governor & is effective 9/1
Would require a person convicted of a littering offence to perform up to 60 hours of community services picking up litter or working at a recycling facility as part of their punishment.

HB 1140 – TxDOT
Bill passed, Signed by the Governor & is effective on 9/1
Would create a third category that state transit funding is available to by adding a “small urbanized area”.
-Large Urban (pop. + 200,000)
-Small Urban (50,000 – 200,000)
-Rural (- 50,000)
HB 1140 recognizes the population growth of all rural and urban transit districts. It does not diminish the funding available under the formula allocation. TXDOT has included an additional $7 million in their budget for the 2018-2019 biennium to fund the “large urbanized area” category created under HB 1140.

HB 2004 – TDA, Eco Devo Fund
Bill passed, Signed by the Governor & is effective on 9/1
• This legislation will continue the Texas Economic Development Fund, and the two original programs, J4T & C4T.
• In addition, it will allow for the creation of a program to encourage the export of Texas agricultural products or products manufactured in rural Texas. It will also allow for the creation of a program to encourage rural economic development in Texas.
• The bill does not require any additional funding. The funds that are included in the TEDF are the same recycled funds that were a result of the US Treasury grant.
• The main purpose of this bill is to clarify the use of funds and focus on rural economic development.

HB 3243 – Pest Advisory Committee
Bill passed, Signed by the Governor & is effective on 9/1
HB 3243 makes clarifying changes to the roles and duties of the Structural Pest Advisory Committee under TDA

HB 3258 – McLennan Road
Bill died, the bill was killed on the last Local & Consent Calendar in the House
The bill updates the county road administration laws to allow for McLennan County to adopt a Road Superintendent system

HCR 49
Bill passed, Signed by the Governor effective immediately
The bill designates July as Train Safety Awareness Month for a 10 year period

85th Legislature

Filed 12 bills

Passed 7 as original House Bills (HB 544, 639, 1140, 1884, 2004, 3243, & HCR 49) (all passed bills were signed by the Governor)

Passed 1 as a rider to the budget (HB 957)

Passed 1 amended onto another bill (HB 545)

Had 2 die (HB 3258 & HB 831)